Police Officer of the week1 min read

Once a De Anza student, now the law on campus

Rachel Schemel

A former DASB president is the new head of security at De Anza College. His interest in the job peaked when he realized that he knew De Anza Police Chief Ron Levine and that the job was in the Bay Area, at his former community college.

During the 70s, Jim McMahon was a student at De Anza and was the student body president. He later transferred to U.C. Davis, where he studied political science.

While at Davis, McMahon worked at a 24-hour diner, where he spent time speaking with police officers who were customers. McMahon soon learned that he could join the police academy, which had open enrollment.

After graduating from the academy, McMahon became the first bicycle police officer in Davis before moving on to the Orville police department.

Later, McMahon worked for Applied Materials, where he traveled from Israel to China. He has experienced different cultures, and is open to and understanding of international students.

McMahon enjoys taking time to introduce himself to students during lunch. He believes that the best way to help students and to understand their needs is to understand how students live.

“If you see me, don’t throw rocks,” McMahon said. “Come say hello.”