Women shining examples during controversy2 min read

Editorial Board

It’s hard to find a De Anza Collegestudent who hasn’t heard ofthe alleged rape of a 17-year-oldgirl at a birthday party attendedby baseball players from De Anza.

The allegations have created afirestorm of public outcry and mediaattention over the past threemonths. It’s unfortunate, to say theleast, that such major negative attentionhas descended on our studentbody.

But there is one shining exampleof heroism in all this mess.Three soccer players, rather thanjust letting it happen, stood up forwhat was right and helped the girl.Whether the 17-year-old was a victimof rape or of a terrible sexualexperience, no one can deny thatLauren Chief Elk, April Grolle and

Lauren Bryeans did the right thing.It’s more than can be said forthe other partygoers that night. Ata crowded house party celebratingtwo different birthdays, these threewomen were the only ones who decidedto do something about whatwas going on in the room next tothe kitchen.

Because whether what happenedwas rape or not, it wasn’tright. When you hook up withsomeone who’s not only 17 yearsold, but also very drunk, you’re takingadvantage of that person, plainand simple. This case, perhaps becausewe know it’s more commonthan we’d like to think, makes ussick to our stomachs.

But the actions of Chief Elk,Grolle and Bryeans to help theteenager were refreshing. They didwhat they knew was right and eventook on a group of larger men to doit. And they are still following whatthey know to be right.

Chief Elk and Grolle are at the forefront of publicpressure on the District Attorney toprosecute this case. They’ve doneso even at the cost of some of theirpersonal relationships – Grolle andChief Elk have lost boyfriends andother close friends since they cameforward.

While De Anza’s reputationcould be harmed by the allegedactions of a few baseball players,those three women are closer towhat our student body really is.From our athletes to our studentgovernment, you’ll find shining examplesof people who do the rightthing in the face of all odds.

While they don’t often have the chance toprove it so clearly, the three soccerplayers showed what it’s like tomake the right choice when othersare making the wrong one.