Students: stop ruining it for the rest of class2 min read

Editorial Board

Believe it or not, some of us are hereto learn.

Apparently, the concept of the classroombeing a learning environment islost for many students at De Anza College.Too often there are a few that ruinit for all and make class a waste of time.

Students appear to be under the mistakenimpression that if they are graciousenough to show up, then they are free todo anything they please. But God forbidthat they should actually learn anything.

Apparently, the classroom is the onlyplace where they can eat, text messageback and forth on their cell phones, listento their iPods or do anything else otherthan sit quietly and take notes.

Indeed, many are so inexplicablypressed for time that they can’t wait forthe next break in an hour to take care oftheir business.

There are also those who equate classtimewith a social hour, chatting away inthe back of the room with their friendsabout things that must be importantenough for everyone else to hear. And noone wants to complain about them to theinstructor. It’s taboo, since the only thingworse than a gossip is a snitch, and we’reall adults here, supposedly.

Unfortunately, it seems like we’reback to preschool, since there are studentswho use class time for naptime. Nothingis more comical or annoying than seeingsomeone’s head bob back and forth fromfalling in and out of sleep.

Students don’t realize that they arehurting themselves when they don’t takeclass seriously. Instead, they start eatingCheetos from their loud, crackly bags,and then the whole class suffers. Oncethe concentration is broken, there’s noturning back.

Add up all the distractions, and manyclass sessions end up ruined for everyone.Tuition becomes a waste of money,and the rich experience of higher educationis lost.

The solution is simple: take care ofyour business before or after class andcome prepared to learn. The less attentionyou bring to yourself, the better.

After all, the focus is supposed to be atthe front of the room with the instructor,where it belongs. By simply being moreconsiderate of your fellow classmates,you can make De Anza a better place tolearn and thrive.

So stop with the distractions and takesome notes already.