Sublimnalities: go see it!2 min read

Annette Shussett

This gorgeous vividly detailed mural is on a wall of the L-8 building and was unveiled on May 15. Any one of the 7 panels alone would be a work of art to giveyou plenty to think about. Together, the whole mural is something I could look at everyday and never tire of. The thought provoking images include a giant tree with many anguished amorphous faces imbedded in the trunk- this part gives me a sort-of a “Wizard of Oz” talking apple tree times 100 effect. It is scary yet beautiful. Some of the images give me a chill. The rows of televisions and rows of students next to the DNA images gave me a futuristic feeling making me wonder is this what the future will look like? There are surprises and cryptic messages and symbols in some of the panels. Why is it 11:34 on all the clocks? Where are we?

The crowd of civil rights protesters from every political cause you know of (and some you may have never heard of) is large and realistic to the point of beingalmost photographic. You will recognize some of the protesters and wonder about the ones you don’t. If you look very carefully, you’ll find the artists themselves hidden in the crowd.

The words of Gandhi, “The rich have a superfluous store of things which they do not need and which are therefore neglected and wasted while millions are starved to death for want of sustenance.” are hidden in plain sight in the midst of the apocalyptic destruction of greedy capitalism.

The picture of a graceful naked lady with a mountain range down her back is strong yet vulnerable, like our planet. The abstract geometric portions give off a flo and energy that pulls the eye along. This mural is the “Wasteland” and “Brave New World” mixed with Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” with a drop of brave suffragette’s listening to King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and a pinch of Gandhi making salt in defiance of the British Empire. Go see this mural !