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Baolien Dang

Natural Beauty

A worker at Terra Sole Nursery explains the concept of plant art to a customer, Saturday May 11.

Baolien Dang, Staff Writer

For people who prefer outdoor activities to vegging on the couch, visiting a local farmers market is a fun activity.

West Valley College’s farmers market offers seasonal foods and reflects the diversity of culture.

You can find seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, poultry, beef and seafood that  are produced from local farmers. Some shoppers have an enjoyable time chatting and meeting new people.

The seafood booth is as fresh as the air around it and a prepared food stand cooks a rotisserie chicken on a gas grill.

At the opening stand of the farmers market,  an Island Style Shave Ice booth with colorful flavored shaved ice puts smiles on the faces of adults and children.

Shoppers can find many different products in this culture.

Farmer markets provide a variety of fruits and vegetables that some people have never seen or tasted.

Many greens  such as bok choy, pea sprout and root leaf are welcomed by Asian shoppers, while more familiar fruits like strawberries and apricots are spread along tables.

If you happen to love gardening, you can find several booths that sell unique plants.

Terra Sole Nursery has an art flower bouquet stand. Fresh cut flowers are a favorite among customers and can be guaranteed to add a smile to someone’s face at the end of the day.

Lad Tchieng, a Hmong farmer who lives in Fresno said he and his family sell their organic vegetables at West Valley College’s farmers market every Saturday.

Be Tran, a shopper, said “I like the idea that farmers market are fresh, have a difference in variety and that the produce is grown locally, that brings me here”

Along with a better variety of foods, people can save money when they shop at local outdoor market.

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