De Anza students don’t like Donald Trump, but our survey statistics will shock you


De Anza College students really hate Donald Trump and the numbers do not lie.

La Voz conducted an approval rating poll for Donald Trump, randomly asking students what they think about the President.

Of 247 students surveyed, only 8 percent of them said that they approved of Donald Trump as President, while 79.9 percent said otherwise. While he has a net disapproval when rated in scientific studies done across all of America, as many as 43 percent approve of him across the country. He might not be very popular in general, but the numbers show that he is absolutely despised here on campus.

While it is common knowledge that the U.S. is a divided country – the 2016 Presidential Election further solidified that – there is bigger issue revolving around freedom of expression without judgement. The 20 students who were surveyed for La Voz’s poll that were in favor of Trump’s administration were very private about their opinions.

This made it difficult to even quote Trump supporters since many of them agreed to participate in the poll, only if their name was redacted. Yet, the 197 De Anza students that disapproved often didn’t waste a breath, especially those who were sitting with their friends. In fact, everyone surveyed that was sitting within a group highly disapproved of President Donald Trump.