In-person music festivals are a terrible idea


Source: Activedia

One of the largest hip-hop musical festivals has announced it will return in person in July, even though bringing back concerts is unsafe and irresponsible.

The Miami festival, Rolling Loud, is known for hosting the best hip-hop artists, like A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott. But it is also known for being packed.

In 2018, about 180,000 people attended the three-day festival. In a pandemic, a number this large will cause a deadly spike in cases.

Miami-Dade County has already seen an increase in cases: about 1000 new cases per day, with almost 500,000 cases in total.

Other festivals, like Outside Lands in San Francisco, have been pushed back to prepare for proper safety procedures. Rolling Loud still has not come out with a COVID-19 safety plan even though it said in Dec. 2020 that it would come out with one “soon.”

Thousands of people standing side-by-side seems like a recipe for a super-spreader event, especially when there’s no plan.

Even if the venue takes proper safety protocols, like mask mandates and capacity restraints, it’s too soon to have large social gatherings.

Social distancing will be difficult to enforce when people dance in compact areas. Masks will be removed countless times to eat or drink.

Security and staff won’t be able to handle it.

The fans will bring too much energy and excitement to the music festival. Not only will the event put fans at risk, but artists and workers too.

Pushing Rolling Loud to next year is the safest bet.