#TimesUp at Golden Globes: same fancy dresses, same hypocrisy

Though many actors attending the 2018 Golden Globes dressed in black with pins declaring that “Time’s Up” for sexual predators, how much did they really accomplish?

The Time’s Up initiative has raised a legal fund of $14 million as well as obtained pledges against talent agencies to achieve gender parity. All very progressive for the solutions, yet the movement within the Golden Globes ceremony was still an idle attempt at using a defunct platform to push a certain agenda.

The black dresses these celebrities wore to support the movement were still the same expensive clothes from the same high end designers who don’t contribute anything to the cause. Furthermore, these dresses still had reporters focusing on what people were wearing instead of more pressing matters: actress Blanca Blanco was criticized for wearing a red dress, and even though she publicly announced that she supported the movement, the world seemed to only focus on why she didn’t wear a black dress.

To add to the hypocrisy, James Franco, who has been accused of hitting on an unerage girl, accepted an award while wearing a Time’s Up pin. Plus, Rose McGowan, the woman who began the movement to oust Hollywood predators with her allegations against Weinstein, spoke against the Time’s Up movement for partnering with the CAA, the talent agency that directed actresses into Weinstein’s clutches.

The problem comes down to what is happening underneath the surface of the Hollywood image, and nothing will change if the messages about the movement come from the same people working on and benefiting from that image. These celebrities who wanted to support this cause on the platform of the Golden Globes were only benefiting their public image, leaving all the fundraising organizations do the hard work.