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PRO: Time really IS up for Hollywood abusers2 min read


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Nearly every celebrity attending the Jan. 7 Golden Globes wore black in a somber statement that empowered women to come forward with their stories and provided support in several ways, making Time’s Up an effective movement that should be long-standing.

Wearing black is easy, but it was backed by substantial monetary contributions meant for those in need. Time’s Up raised over $14 million for a legal defense fund dedicated to underprivileged victims of sexual assault, mostly comprised of donations from its members.

Furthermore, the women leading this movement recognized that attention should be on the people in need: Meryl Streep attended the award show with Ai-jen Poo, Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Other actresses like Emma Stone and Emma Watson brought activists to the event as well, adding more legitimacy to the movement.

Because Time’s Up was popularized by entertainers, many question the actual care being paid to the issues, or if celebrities are just following a trend. Also, after the demonstration, some male participants were accused of sexual misconduct.

It’s notable that the popular thing for celebrities to do is to support sexual assault victims, but culture is heavily influenced by entertainment, and this shows the industry has taken a firm stance in the right direction.

Furthermore, celebrities were actually deflecting the attention they garnered and bringing focus back to the movement. Actress Connie Britton told CNN she wanted the movement to expand beyond Hollywood saying, “get to everyday women who have been dealing with these issues and have to sit alone with it and don’t have the resources to empower themselves.”

What’s most important is that conversation and support continue to grow for victims. Backlash is disappointing, but now, more than ever, women are being encouraged to pursue justice. Abusers have been facing long-overdue consequences, victims are garnering more support, and demonstrations like this help shape the future. Time’s Up will last beyond the 2018 Golden Globes to help those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse.

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