DA Voices: How do students feel about campus food?

Lisa Brown, 20, English literature major

While there is an okay amount of food available and a wide variety to choose from, I don’t think the quality is super great. I tend to only get one thing, if I ever do – the teriyaki chicken bowls from the noodle place. But they’re kind of expensive. I also wish there were healthier options.

Kendall Belansky, 19, Communications major

The pricing is very fair, but the options are pretty bad. I know there is a salad-type place, but that is the only healthy option really. I wish they would implement almost a kitchen-pantry style system, where people can donate stuff that would create cheaper and simpler meals.

Javier Flores, 25, Graphic Design

The options we have on campus aren’t great at all. For the price, I would expect more of a Whole Foods quality that isn’t being delivered from our food court. I’d like to see healthier options. Anything is better than pizza, burgers and fries; there’s nothing healthy about that.

Wynnee Powell, 18, Statistics major

I like the options and the quality is fine. The prices are too high, and I think that a lot of college students, myself included, don’t want to spend all of our money on food. I think that a boba place would be huge hit and I would frequent the food court much more often.

Garrett Kanagaki, 24, Graphic Design

The majority of the food offered on campus is unhealthy and overpriced for the quality it is. There should be a better incorporation of healthier food on campus, and I also think that there should be away to subsidize a cheaper price for students.