DASB Senate talks programs, budget, and midterm elections at first meeting of the quarter


The DASB’s first meeting of the quarter consisted of a proposal for the implementation of a dating violence awareness program, the introduction of prospective senators, and budget discussions.

The meeting, held on Wednesday, Oct. 11, was headed by Vice President Kalani Hettige while President Dylan Kim remains absent on medical leave.

The implementation of nationwide The One Love Foundation Program was proposed to the Senate by the program’s chair of marketing Maharshi Mandal and two prospective senators Ilyess Ballout and Kamyar Saii.

The idea of the program is to “spread awareness for domestic violence, and to facilitate discussion about abuse in relationships,” said Mandal.

Senators Amanda Le and Cialysiah Washington suggested the program be proposed to more campus clubs before the Senate could decide on whether or not to implement it, and senators agreed to hold the motion for further discussion at the next meeting.

Nine prospective senators introduced themselves to the senate for the upcoming midterm elections being held on Nov. 1.

For those interested in becoming a DASB senator, applications are due Oct. 25 to the Office of College Life, and applicants must collect 50 student signatures and attend at least three senate meetings by the election day.

The Finance Committee is to approve an athletics budget stipulation, intended to waive meal fees for particular events.

The budget devoted to funding athlete expenses, such as meals, only allocates a certain amount of money per meal.

Should athletes go to state championships, the stipulation allows the fee to be served a meal at the banquet to be waived.

This will “expedite the process” of having athletes attend such events, according to Finance Committee Chair, Amanda Le.