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Bag of urine shows need for plumbers


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On March 8, 2017 De Anza students who walked into the A quad men’s bathroom saw a plastic bag filled with pee affixed around a urinal. The bag was dubbed the “De Anza Piss Bag” on social media.

De Anza student Julian Laplaca posted a photo on Facebook, captioning the bag with: “What a beautiful day to be alive. Good morning and good day everyone. P.s. here’s a few gallons of piss I walked in on at De Anza yesterday.”

Facebook comments included: “Poke it with a neeeeeeedle!!!!!” and “this is like at least 16 gallons of piss.”

Laplaca said he had seen bags like this before. The intention is to stop a leak, but the janitor left and apparently never came back, he commented under the photo.

Custodian Marivic Budrick said De Anza needs another plumbers, as three are leaving the job, and another plumber is necessary to fulfill the volume of fix orders.  

Custodian Ana Ferreira cleans the bathroom next to the student body chambers. She said three sinks she requested to have fixed are still broken, even though two of the requests date back to September.

“They get mad when we request two or three times,” Ferreira said.

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