App Review: My Fitness Pal1 min read

Mark Aquino, Staff Writer

Sometimes taking note of what you eat can be time consuming and tedious. My Fitness Pal, a free application, simplifies diet goals with a few taps on your smartphone.

You can search for a food item in the app’s database or simply scan the item’s barcode.

You can add your own recipes or search foods created by other users.

Counting calories and macronutrient intakes are important factors in whether you want to gain or lose weight.

My Fitness Pal can adjust your goals for macronutrients when you enter your current weight and goal weight.

You can record daily weight changes and exercises, monitoring progress and encouraging consistency in your journey to reach your health goal.

My Fitness Pal connects you with friends on Facebook for extra support and motivation to help you reach your goals.

My Fitness Pal can aid you in your fitness and dieting journey. It is free, simple, and user-friendly.

The application is available on android, iOS, and Windows systems or check out their website, featuring a daily blog and My Fitness Pal community.