Speaker gives advice to improve mental health in De Anza workshop


Source: Pixabay

Public speaker Josh Rivedal defined anxiety and depression and outlined mental health resources for De Anza College students in the DNExTalks mental health workshop on June 11.

Rivedal said that struggles with mental health aren’t anything new, but they are at an all-time high due to the pandemic.

“The number one thing you have to do, and it is critical to survive in this difficult world sometimes, is to absolutely love yourself,” he said.

He added that reading a book, meditating and trying new things are ways to practice self-love and create happiness.

“People might feel trapped when going through such things as depression or anxiety,” Rivedal said. “You have to be strong and make yourself do things to create your happiness.”

Avery Samuels, 20, business management major, said she overcomes her bad days with similar strategies.

“For someone who has experienced depression and anxiety firsthand, I hate seeing others go through what I had to go through,” Samuels said. “So I do as much as possible for those who are struggling, from going out for an adventure, a drive to clear my head or even just reading a book.”

Sarane Thomas, 22, communication major, said she was thrilled to find out things about mental health that she never really understood before.

“Depression and anxiety is something almost everyone in this world eventually has to go through, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it,” Thomas said. “I’ll always remember I create my own happiness and don’t owe anyone anything.”

Rivedal said that depression and anxiety do not have to last forever, as people can learn to control it. Anything is possible if they put their mind to it, especially knowing they have people who love them, he said.

“Just know when things seem tough and they can’t get better,” Rivedal said. “They will as long as you take action on it.”