De Anza College students fashion new styles during the pandemic

Sheltering in place hasn’t stopped fashion from evolving on the runway or in the closets of De Anza College students.

Ysabella Johnson, 18, biology major, said she found the time to develop her own style during quarantine, shifting into ‘90s-inspired outfits.

Johnson styles a denim pair of baggy mom jeans with a thrifted white button up and lime green shirt. (photo provided by Ysabella Johnson)

“I used to wear regular t-shirts and skinny jeans,” Johnson said. “Now, I like looking for more bright-color clothing and patterns, and a lot of baggy jeans.”

She added that she enjoys buying fashionable masks and matching them with the colors and patterns of her outfits.

Johnson styles an army green jacket and plain white shirt from Goodwill with a pair of denim baggy mom jeans. (photo provided by Ysabella Johnson)

Jerico Lozares, 19, business administration major, also said his style has changed throughout the pandemic. He began quarantine wearing logo T-shirts and loungewear, and has since evolved to what he labels as a style with “dad vibes.”

Lozares styles a thrifted mustard yellow t-shirt with brown corduroy pants and sandals, accessorized with a handmade cream faux fur tote bag. (photo provided by Jerico Lozares)

“(I’ve) started wearing more flannels, baggy and mom jeans, along with some casual sandals,” Lozares said to describe the style.

Lozares said he doesn’t really keep up with trends, but wears what he finds interesting.

“I get my style from whatever appeals to me, not mainly social media,” said Lozares.

Lozares styles a plain black shirt with a black vest and blue pants, accessorized with a handmade cream faux fur tote bag. (photo provided by Jerico Lozares)

Angel Ramil has personalized her clothes in a different way. The 19-year-old marketing major said she began embroidering during the pandemic.

Ramil styles a cream colored cable knit vest sweater and beige flared pants from Goodwill. (photo provided by Angel Ramil)

Ramil has also bought more second-hand clothing since the pandemic began.

“On Tiktok, I see these people thrifting and finding so many good things and pieces of clothing,” Ramil said. “So I was like, ‘I might as well try it more and see if I actually find stuff,’ and I actually got lucky and found really good stuff.”

Lozares said he has also migrated toward thrifting during the pandemic, dropping fast fashion. He’s also spent more time developing his style and individualizing his closet.

“I have come to terms with giving away some of my clothes,” said Lorazes. “I looked at my clothes and actually asked myself: do I want this or does this actually mean something to me?”

Ramil styles a pair of plain black baggy jeans she embroidered with catfishes. (photo provided by Angel Ramil)

As the pandemic has upended all routine, this time has been ripe for a change in style. It may stick for years to come.