Places you can go with your bae on Valentine’s Day

Cocola, a dessert cafe located in the heart of Santana Row, is ideal for first-time dates or after dinner-affairs. The atmosphere is gentle, gloomy, and romantic for Valentine’s Day. Employee and De Anza College student Ruby Caldera, 20, dance major, says, “This place is very friendly. We are known for our coffees; lattes, mochas and our unusual banana hot chocolate.” Cocola is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Valentines Day.


Lazy Dog Cupertino Square on Stevens Creek Boulevard is a casual outing. It is a place to go for lunch or dinner. The restaurant appears to be a wood cabin with metal chandeliers. If you do not have a Valentines date but a dog companion, the restaurant has dog menus too! It is ideal for a more comfortable setting.


In downtown San Jose, Flames Eatery is around the corner from San Jose State. Every Tuesday evening from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., salsa dancing socials are ideal for a sexy date. On Feb. 13, the restaurant will hold a Pre-Valentines Day event. Student discounts are available with student identification card.



Left Bank in Santana Row across from Cocola Cafe, can be an impressive venue for Valentine’s Day. De Anza student Tatiana Wright, business marketing major says if you want an upscale restaurant, “Left Bank is a French inspired cuisine. The ambiance is really nice. It is a candle lighting dinner.” Left Bank has outdoor patio seating for a moonlit dinner. Reservations are available for Valentine’s Day.