TV Review: “Emerald City”

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This modern twist on the old classic “Wizard of Oz” makes new and interesting connections between each character that we know and love and also those we love to hate.

While most might hate the new changes to a classic movie this television series is a magical addition to my winter television roster being a classic that I love and a new show that I fell in love with again. I watched the new story was because the magic and a strong female leading cast but I stayed because of the interesting path Dorothy’s twisted adventure takes to get back home.

The television season follows the same start as the movie that Dorothy arrives in on by a twister but it isn’t a house she comes in this time it is a police car and this time the witch of the east does not go down on the first strike it takes a little more to make this iconic witch go down in the season premiere.

Our beloved characters are each a little different then how we know them to be our trusty sidekick on the adventure is now a police dog that happened to be in the police dog with her. The Witch of the West is not as wicked as we may remember her but still leads a dark path. The good witch Glenda takes a different path too. Is there such a thing of being so good she is bad? Each character in the story changes a little to make a classic story have life breathed into it again.

If you are as interested to see how the first season of emerald city has come together in the first season of Dorothy’s epic adventure into Oz you can watch it on NBC