S-Quad houses mural by street artist and De Anza alum


Rodrigo Gutierrez

Justice, Equity Peace mural S-Quad

Rodrigo Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

De Anza alum Samuel Rodriguez’s mural, which displays the words “Justice” “Equity” and “Peace,” has been tucked away in the S-Quad since June 2018.

The distinctive vibrant background, detailed portraits, and ‘wild style’ writing that crosses the individual’s eyes is a signature of the artist’s work which is displayed throughout the Bay Area.

“I think there is a real productive side of street art, and I think this is so beautiful,” said Lisa Mersh, math professor. “It delivers a message whether you consciously see it or not and I think it’s useful.”

The mural, aptly named “Justice Equity Peace,” was created in a graffiti-style that reflects Rodiguez’s self-taught background in street art.

“You know the guys who were tagging a lot of stuff; they were some amazing artists and it’s nice to see it,” said Mersh.

Rodriguez is a San Jose based artist that has worked with brands like Puma, Samsung, and Google. He painted the mural on the side of the S-building to promote the 50th anniversary of the campus.

Gio Bettancourt, 21, electrical engineering said he believed that public art can definitely impact a lot of people.

“Like this, this is for justice, or for peace,” said Bettancourt.

Rodriguez has worked on public art murals in his hometown, San Jose, as well as the mural-saturated Mission District of San Francisco.

Alex Trinh, 18, computer science, said the mural that clings to the side of S-5 was intended to show unity and multiculturalism.

“It gives a nice vibe,” said Trinh, adding “and it’s just dope.”