Beat the heat with a cold tea or soft-serve from San Jose


Natalie Marques’s signature drink “Black Ink Lattea”

A one-stop shop for your sweet cravings, has opened up in downtown San Jose just in time for summer, offering a unique and delicious variety of coffee, soft serve, and fruit and milk tea.

Outside (Natalie Marques)

The menu includes distinct drinks like ruby black milk tea and “puriteas,” tea espresso topped with milk foam.

The friendly staff recommended the popular Black (Nougat) Ink Lattea. The drink was striking, a pretty grey color uncommon in milk teas.

The taste was just as pleasant as the aesthetics. The nougat flavor was nutty and not overwhelmingly sweet, making the drink light and refreshing.

I was pleased that they had oat milk as an option for their drinks, although it is the only dairy alternative.

For those who appreciate intricate toppings, their “Thai Brulee” drink is topped with creme brulee, putting a creamy twist on the classic Thai milk tea.

Their Peach Oolong cold brew is a refreshing drink for the summer time, described as “lush and fruity.”

Those seeking classic milk teas may be confused by the menu at There are only three drinks that come with boba and you can not add boba to other drinks on the menu.

This may be annoying to boba-lovers, but the drinks speak for themselves.

The price of the drinks is standard, ranging between $4 to $6, which is a bit pricey since the drinks only come in one size.

The cafe featured a sleek black and white theme with small decorations to give character to the place. Their slogan “The best sip period” was on their wall and to-go menus.

The soft-serve “Black Nougat,” which matches the black-and-white aesthetic at

Regardless of the decorations and prices,’s menu was a pleasant surprise. I look forward to visiting again and trying other drinks, which I expect to be great during the summer months.

4 stars out of 5