Learn finance with Netflix’s “Money, Explained”



As the name suggests, “Money, Explained” explains money.

Netflix’s “Money, Explained” series warns you about scams and educates you on currency, wall street banking and trade systems  — an essential watch for any American who wants to keep their money.

The series is divided into five topics: “get rich quick” schemes, credit cards, student loans, gambling and retirement. Each episode has a unique story to it, but all speak to how every American must deal with these situations.

The documentary is easy to follow, with simple language and graphics to make it more understandable.

The first episode, “Get Rich Quick,” defines how people continue to get scammed by companies promising immediate riches all around the world. It reveals that these schemes will not make anyone rich — apart from the scammer.

“Credit Cards,” the second episode, explained how people steal your personal information and how you can avoid it. The next episode covers how to properly handle student loans so you don’t end up in debt.

The final episode on retirement covers how you can invest in your retirement at an early age and keep that money safe.

People cannot do much without money in their hands, especially with how much certain things cost nowadays. No matter where you live, this series will help you protect your money.

This is vital, especially in the online era, in which people can steal money through apps, online bank accounts, or even a phone call.

People must be alert. This documentary will alert them.

4 stars out of 5