Popeyes’ new fish sandwich is not worth the hype


Photo courtesy of Popeyes

Popeyes’ new Cajun Flounder Sandwich is not worth the wait in line, unless you have a lot of time and enjoy spicy foods.
After waiting around 10 minutes, the Cajun Flounder Sandwich came in its own designed bag, bigger than a Popeyes chicken sandwich.
Immediately after taking a bite, there was a spicy taste that felt incompatible with the fish.
Popeyes’ chicken sandwich has an original and a spicy version. They should also have a non-spicy version of the fish sandwich.
Popeyes’ spicy chicken sandwich was a good idea since the flavors were complimentary. It is not the same for fish.
Unlike the spice, the pickles on the sandwich were an excellent complement. The sour pickle juice neutralized the oily fried fish flavor.
Still, the flavor was plain. I had to add ketchup to each bite.
Popeyes has variations of sauces and I had asked for regular tartar sauce and ketchup. I received the Smoky Garlic Tartar Sauce.
The garlic flavor was pungent. I do not recommend it.
The ketchup, though, allowed me to enjoy the sandwich better as it added taste and took away from the spiciness.
The fish sandwich costs $4.49 (more than the chicken sandwich, which costs $3.99) but the price does not match the quality of the sandwich.
This is why there is not the same hype around this sandwich as the chicken one.
The Cajun Flounder Sandwich does not make you want to come back for another. Skip it and go for the regular chicken.