Tribute to Wong Kar Wai through online streaming of his movies


Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-Wai was honored this week with an online screening of his movies by the Berkeley Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive and San Francisco’s Roxie Theater.

The Berkeley Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive and San Francisco’s Roxie Theater are screening award-winning Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai’s classic films on their websites.

Director Wong Kar Wai impacted the film industry with his distinct style that gives the viewers a sense of nostalgia and inspired American directors like Barry Jenkins, director of “Moonlight.”

“This movie [‘Chungking Express’] mainly attracted me because it is unique and every scene is special,” said Kenny Luk, 19, economics major. “It’s different from the typical movie.”

Wong Kar Wai’s unique film style includes long takes filled with colors that set the mood for the scene. He also explores the film noir style with low lighting.

“[“Fallen Angels”] really captures the neon lights in Hong Kong,“ said Luke A. Makinson, a 17-year-old film production major. “It’s just so visually striking.”

Viewers said that Wong Kar Wai’s colors, camera angles and lighting help them understand the moods of the characters.

“The cinematics, cinematography and the color palette are really good,“ Alvin Fabrio, 21, computer science major, said. “He is on par with Wes Anderson in the way Anderson uses color to represent a certain kind of mood.”

His films also impact his audience with what they describe as emotionally complex scenes that leave a lasting impression.

Wong Kar Wai’s classics are available to stream on Roxie Theater’s website until Feb. 25 and BAMPFA’s website until Feb. 28. Audiences can stream with a $12 ticket or see all the films for a $70 pass.