‘Get Out’ deserved more consideration from the Academy2 min read


Annually Hollywood’s most impressive celebrities walk the red carpet, looking their best to see who the Academy will present the 24 Oscars for different categories of excellence in filmmaking. March 4 the 90th Oscars award show was hosted by a tuxedo wrapped Jimmy Kimmel.

“Oscar is 90 years old tonight … after all the years, all the awards given for achievement in show business Oscar is still number one, no question about it. Oscar is the most beloved and respected man in Hollywood,” said Kimmel in his opening monologue.

“The Shape of Water” was honored with 13 nominations and won four Oscars. Director Guillermo del Toro took home best picture and director, Alexandre Desplat composed the most original music score and the films production design won as well.

The movie follows a girl who can’t speak forming a bond with an intelligent humanoid amphibian held in captivity for study. Best actress nominee Sally Hawkins acted opposite a CGI male counterpart. Shockingly there is a sex scene involving the creature.

“The water is too muddy … an affair with an amphibian. That is so far out there, to win best picture is amazing. It shows how good the quality of the movie was,” said Ben Hartje, 25, film major.

There was popular consideration “Get Out” would win best picture, it did take home most original screenplay. In the debut of Jordan Peele directing movies he was nominated for best director, lead actor Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for best actor.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted an anonymous Academy voter talking about “Get Out” who said, “As far as I’m concerned, they played the race card, and that really turned me off.”

I bet that ignorant voter preferred the sex scene in “The Shape of Water.” They also reported some voters refused to watch “Get Out.”

Any voter should watch everything they’re responsible for considering award worthy. Voters refusing to watch “Get Out” is a competitive disadvantage and a sign of prejudicial disrespect from the Academy.

It really does feel like people are breathing their own air a bit, if you look at what movies are really connecting people versus what moves are being awarded, its an elite committee choosing that, its not based on public opinion at all,” said Hartje. “The politics of it have turned it to something that’s not as pure for movie fans.”

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