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Starting a club at De Anza2 min read


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Tasneem Sad, 18, biological science major, is trying to create an official Neuroscience Club, but has discovered that the process of starting a club at De Anza College may have more steps than students realize.

“Honestly, at the beginning I was kind of discouraged, I was like, is this really good idea? Is this really worth it? But I think its an important process. It’s not difficult, it just can be a little bit tedious at times,” said Sad.

Sad has been in the process of creating and launching the neuroscience club since last quarter, however it has not been made official due to inability to find an adviser and lack of students signed on as official members.

Inter Club Council secretary Su Su Soe San, 20, biology major, and ICC adviser La Donna Yumori-Kaku, gave an overview of the steps one must take to start a club.

The first step is to make an appointment with an ICC officer in which you will discuss a possible constitution, the purpose of the club.

You must also fill out the official “How to start a new club” packet which you can find outside the ICC office in the Hinson Campus Center or online.

You must have at least ten students who have officially signed on as members and agree to attend a club meeting at least once a month. One adviser is required. If your adviser is a part-time faculty member, then an additional adviser is recommended.

You need a minimum of four club officers, no more than seven, each of whom must be a student.

Students must attend an ICC Agenda Meeting on Mondays where you are expected to have fulfilled the previous requirements and present five copies of your constitution. If your constitution requires revising, you must bring the revised version to the next ICC Agenda Meeting.

Once the constitution has been reviewed and approved by the ICC officers, your club will be granted the “New Club On Trial” status. During this time, clubs cannot make any official motions.

You will have three weeks to attend a new club orientation with your adviser, all your officers, an ICC officer or adviser, all forms will be reviewed, and you will submit your club’s financial roster stating who your officers are or the process will repeat.

If all these requirements are fulfilled, your club will become official.

La Donna puts it simply: “Ten De Anza students, constitution, and an adviser. A minimum of one club meeting a month on campus.”

Tasneem’s goal of making the Neuroscience club official has not yet become a reality. She still needs to find an advisor and has ten members ready to officially sign up.

A more in-depth look at the process here:

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