Netflix and chill into Fall Quarter – Bingewatching recommendations from La Voz Staff



Bates Motel

“It’s binge worthy because it’s literally back to back drama. It’s very intense. It’s a show talking about what happened in the Bates Motel leading up to Psycho” – Ana Acosta, 21 years old, Journalism Major


Grey’s Anatomy – Netflix Series

“The new stuff isn’t that bad if you stop watching for a year, forget how good the old stuff was, and start again” -Ana Gonzalvez ,18 years old, Political Science Major


Deathnote – Anime
“It’s not like other anime where there’s a lot of fighting. I like suspense. This is the only anime I never get tired of”

– Andrew Shinjo, 19 years old, Political Science Major


Girl Boss – Netflix Original

“It shows crazy kind of people that live in San Francisco. It’s the San Francisco atmosphere”   

  • Audrey Marques, 21 years old, Journalism Major


Rick and Morty

“Kick ass show, that’s mind blowing, hilarious and ballsy” – Natalie Valencia, 20 years old, Journalism Major


Moral Orel

“This show is a satire questioning the rhetoric of Christianity. It’s basically about this kid, Orel, who interprets the bible to the extreme in various forms to show it’s ridiculous dogma.” -Christian Trujano, 20 years old, Journalism Major


My Hero Academia – Anime

“This show has really interesting and unique characters, and a great world setting! This coupled with its extremely high energy arcs with one coming right after another, and awesome fights, it can really hold your attention for a long time!”- Jamie Lamping, 19 years old, Journalism Major

Castlevania – Netflix Series

“An anime-influenced extravaganza of action, gore, and strong character writing based on the Konami video games. The first season is only 4 half-hour episodes long, so it’s an easy but rewarding watch!” -John Bricker, 18 years old. Journalism Major

Black Mirror

“Every episode is its own standalone hour long movie with an almost “Twilight Zone” feel to it. My personal favorite episode is ‘Fifteen Million Merits.” -Jack Molmud , 20 years old , Journalism Major

Jane The Virgin
“I think it’s binge worthy because as a Latina I could identify myself with this show. It’s a spanglish show that emphasizes the American and Latin Culture, old generation vs modern days. And it’s hilarious.” -Susan Garcia, 24 years old, Journalism Major.