Over the counter2 min read

Josh Davis

I was recently introduced to “Supercult.” It claims to be the origin of all other “Alternative Porn,” like Suicide Girls, Burning Angel and God’s Girls.

In case you’re out of the loop for this innovation in pornography, “Alternative Porn” goes beyond the typical porn aesthetic and instead drafts pierced, tattooed, rockabilly-pinup stars, along with other quasi-subculture women, and shoots them with more of a concern for photography. Because we want real women! We don’t want anymore of this plastic-looking porn! We want art! It’s just not relatable enough … Imagine “Vice” if it were to take out its occasional political piece.

Let me explain why this isn’t an alternative. The male and female roles aren’t any different just because the women are dressed differently. You can market the models as sexually liberated (which seems to be the main defense for owners and makers of pornography), but how sexually liberated can they be when they are put into the same awful position of being a juvenile here-to-please or the sum of their physical parts, a fetish-object that intersects with a previously untapped demographic and probably still brings in the viewers of “mainstream” pornography?

Just because you are independently owned, doesn’t mean you aren’t a business, and doesn’t mean your business isn’t extremely sketchy. You’re just another contributor to spiking rape rates, shot with the illusion of class. I know that pornography doesn’t have any conclusive connection to rape rates. However, you can’t deny the reinforcement of rape-as-desire and archetypal gender roles as satisfactory.

I’ve been noticing marketing become especially fluid lately. The thing that bothers me most is that all “counter-culture” is being dug up and prostituted. Things are being adopted by products and people that once had a meaning, easily diffusing any real purpose by extracting the marketable aspects of it. People want to feel like vagrants without doing anything. People like to go to Urban Outfitters and purchase thrift store styles for designer prices, as actually going to a thrift store is below them.

“Indie” has gone from being an abbreviation for independent music and is now a description of a sound and the imitation of that sound. Punk Rock, as we all know, is dead in the ground, six feet deep. Yet, we’re still seeing and listening to “punk” bands today.

The word “revolution” and revolutionary imagery has been recycled countless times, from commercials for the middle-aged looking to buy a car to Levi’s jeans. Please, stop trying to convince me that pornography is women’s liberation, that buying Levi’s made by children paid sub-minimum wages is revolutionary and that punk’s not dead

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