De Anza Fight Club: unofficial, but serious2 min read

Rachel Schemel

You might have seen a few people training outside the Learning Center, in the grassy area. Ever wondered what they were doing? That is the De Anza Fight Club.

The De Anza Fight Club is an organization that teaches and trains different styles of fighting while promoting fitness. The types of fighting range from Muay Thai to kick boxing. The club also teaches self defense and weapon defense.

“We’re a bunch of broke ass students wanting to train and this is our outlet,” says club President Marlo Custodio.

The club is composed of trainers and trainees. Anyone is invited to join, including beginners who are just getting interested. And yes, the club includes and welcomes women. It offers self defense training specifically tailored to fit women, as well as for men. For the experienced, this is a club where anyone can come to practice their techniques and learn from other styles of fighting.

If you are worried about getting hurt, the training is safe and injury is unlikely. “It is very supervised and we have safety equipment,” says Khou Do, one of the founding members.

The club also has guest instructors, which include student instructors and instructors from other schools, who come to offer their advice and guidance.

De Anza Fight Club was founded by a group of friends and has grown to a full organization. The club is not official yet.

“We are the most official unofficial club there is,” says Adam Armstrong, a member and trainer.

“It exists and everyone’s welcome to join,” says club member David Tran.

In order to gain official status, the club needs a faculty adviser as well as an arena to meet and practice indoors.

But if you are worried about this club’s existence, these fighters aren’t going anywhere. As they might fight for a title or for their country, they will fight for their club.