Fight overshadows football as De Anza falls to Chabot, 15-91 min read


The football game between De Anza College (1-4) and Chabot College (1-4) saw its action overshadowed by a dangerous fight that took place after the game on Saturday Sept. 30.

After the clock hit zeroes in the fourth quarter, sealing a 15-9 win for visiting Chabot, the teams lined up for the postgame handshake.

What followed though was anything but standard.

Shortly after the postgame handshakes commenced, Chabot and De Anza players began hurling insults at and confronting each other. The shouting, pushing, and shoving escalated into several blows, and threatened to dissolve into a full-on brawl. Several players had to be physically restrained by teammates as coaches and even parents attempted to break up the fight.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department members were called in to aid in maintaining order.

Chabot players were escorted to their locker room as De Anza players were grouped on the field.

The game itself was a missed opportunity for De Anza, who led 9-0 before surrendering two unanswered touchdowns.

After a 42-yard first quarter-ending field goal from freshman kicker Gerardo Gonzalez gave De Anza a 3-0 lead, the Dons added on with sophomore running back Anthony Colaianni’s third-quarter touchdown run.

Chabot answered back less than two minutes later with a score of their own, reducing the deficit to 9-7. With a little over three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, they took their first lead on the final score of the game with an 8-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Jonathan O’Brien to running back Deangelo Stubbs.

De Anza will have a bye next week before facing College of San Mateo on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 1 p.m. at De Anza.

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