DASB Senate funds bike and internship programs, calls out finance committee3 min read

The DASB Senate approved to spend $7,050 to fund De Anza’s bike program and an internship program at their Nov. 15 meeting.  

With the bike program taking up $4,000 of that money, presenters Frank Clark, who oversees the program and Amanda Le, chair of the Finance committee, convinced the senate to replace 11 lost or stolen bikes with the money so students don’t have to be waitlisted for bikes like they currently are.

“Currently, we only have 61 bikes and over 60 applications so I’m only able to meet half of the demand,” said Frank.

The money is coming from the DASB operating fund 41 that has been funding the bike program for the last nine years. Le said any money returned by students for lost or stolen bikes was put into the fund and was not used to purchase new bikes.

This money will obtain affordable hybrid mountain bikes that will benefit students after the motion passed after a 18-6 vote.

The remaining $3,050 will go to funding the Faculty Association Political Action Committee or FA PAC internship program. According to FA PAC’s website, the money will fund the training of two students to work with the FHDA faculty to push for “economic justice and for student access and prosperity.”

These interns will be a part of a program that is essential to bringing in student funding and representation to local legislators in the state. This funding motion was approved by a unanimous vote of 24-0.

At the Nov. 22 meeting the following week, the DASB finance committee was called out for lack of leadership and participation.

After Le reported on various finance items and answered questions at the meeting, DASB Senator Habibatullah Sallam, criminal justice law major, asked, “I don’t mean this in an offensive way.  I noticed that when we have questions about finance that you [Amanda Le] are the only one that is answering it. Is that because your committee members don’t know enough?”

Le responded “I would like to refer that to my committee to answer.”

Senator Harris Gu, business major, spoke about his lack of comments during the meeting. “As a senator of the finance committee, I am happy to answer all your questions. I just thought that Amanda would provide a better answer.”

Le stressed the discrepancy between finance senators’ lagging effort and knowledge base and its important role of managing and allocating $1.2 million.  

When it came to looking over existing budget funds such as a $14,000 allocation to the Equity Office, nobody in her committee asked questions on how this amount was used or if the amount was necessary.

“I feel that it should not be left up to me every meeting to come up with ideas and questions,” Le said. “As all student leaders, we should all contribute. And I feel as the chair – chairs are the ones that can facilitate the meeting, but I need everyone’s contributions.”

Newly appointed DASB president Kalani Hettige, 24, engineering major,  supported Le and said “This is our budget. It’s important. If you [finance senators] are not interested, please leave.”

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