Shorthanded De Anza badminton team powers past CCSF1 min read

The De Anza College women’s badminton team defeated City College of San Francisco 18-3 at De Anza on April 25.

“The performance today is sort of the outcome of a lot of development the team has been going through, through most of the season,” said head coach Mark Landefeld. “We’re getting much stronger. Our team performance and our individuals are starting to play more consistently and in tighter matches, so it’s sort of a natural culmination of the season. It’s the last week of the regular season so you’d like to think you’re playing your best badminton at this point.”

De Anza has more experienced players than CCSF, since most of them are second years in the program. Others have prior experience from high school, and one student plays badminton outside of school. Team member Madison Ng said she believes this puts them at an advantage against other teams without as much experience.

“We’re just kinda better than them. We have a lot more depth, I think, in our team whereas they have like two good players,” Ng said. “Most of them are OK, whereas I think we have four really solid players, so that definitely benefits us a lot in the matches that we can win.”

The game consisted of both single and double matches. Each single match win is worth one point and each doubles match win is worth two points.

Despite many players suffering from back injuries, De Anza played well in both single and doubles matches, winning all but one round in each category.