From player, coach, mentor to Hall of Fame2 min read


Carl Nilvall

Athletics Director Kulwant Singh talks about his accomplishments in his office Wednesday, Oct 2.

Carl Nilvall, Staff Writer

De Anza’s Athletic Director and soccer coach Kulwant Singh has been involved with soccer for almost 30 years.

Singh has been inducted in the soccer Hall of Fame and is the current head soccer coach for the men’s soccer team at De Anza.

With Singh showing no signs of slowing down, instead he looks forward to another season with hard work and dedication.

Singh, who grew up in Europe, played the game in high school and moved to California where one opportunity led to another.

During college when he played soccer, Singh decided to make coaching a career. He recalls that his time in the field has mostly been great because of devotion and commitment.

“There have been many great moments, memories and time out on the field” says Singh.

One of the biggest challenges Singh faces as a coach is to see students struggling financially while playing at the same time.

“It’s kind of an uphill battle for them. Trying to secure financial aid and money to be able to go to school and play soccer. It’s difficult for some because of finding transportation and even for food sometimes.” says Singh.

Everyday is an honor for Singh but he says some of his rewarding moments come from seeing students transfer and continue with their academics.

“What I’m trying to do is get them very early in the process to start applying for financial aid,” says Singh.

Throughout the years, Singh has had lots of success, such as coaching a championship team fifteen years ago while also being inducted to the Community College Soccer Hall of Fame.

“It’s not about the wins and losses. When I was coaching previously, I was very involved with the association” says Singh, “I did a lot of volunteer work and hours for the betterment of community college soccer … I’ve served on lots of conference committees, state wide committees, national committees.”

“I was the chair of the All American. I was chair of the rankings,” continues Singh. “I think when I was recognized, I was recognized not only for the success here at De Anza but also for my work for the betterment of the sport.”

Singh is currently the chair of the National Scholar-Athlete Committee and a member of the Management Council of the California Community College Athletics Association.