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Gun control reform needed to stop the violence


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Guns are weapons, invented and manufactured for the sole purpose of inflicting damage. Guns need to be strictly regulated, with enforced heavy mental health screenings and wait periods, especially for big guns such as semi-automatic rifles. In tragic recent news, we have witnessed just how dangerous they can be.

Australia completely banned semi-auto machine guns and pump action shotgun in 1996 as a reaction to a deadly massacre that killed 35 people. The ban drastically reduced the number of deaths by gun violence and mass shooting are now rare.

In the US, mass shootings are more frequent than anywhere else in the world. In other countries, mass shootings are often carried out by underground groups and terrorist organizations. However, the US witnesses, almost annually, shootings by a civilian who has a mental condition, as their relatives are in shock and express their disbelief. People shed tears for the victim of the tragedy, few opinions for gun control can be heard among anti-gun control opinions, and the efforts fizzle out as the tears dry up only to repeat the cycle in a few months, without any change to mental health care. Guns should be regulated so they don’t fall into the hands of someone that may be a danger to the society.

Anti-gun control opinions generally revolve around the idea of security and safety. Carrying around a concealed pistol seems viable; however, carrying a bulky semi-automatic all the time for safety is absurd. A person in their right mind would not carry semi-automatic rifle with them all the time for protection.

In general, police are supposed to make the public feel safe and secured. The irony is that the police force is making most of the public feel unsafe. There have been a lot of killings by the hands of the police. It seems like the police force is being trained to kill, and especially people of color are being targeted. One of the reasons why there are so many killings might have to do with how the police are on the edge, as they are insecure themselves. A simple traffic stop might be the last day on their job, uncertain that the person being pulled over may have a loaded gun ready to shoot them. So anytime anything goes slightly off, the police overreact like they have to kill them before they get killed themselves.

Why is there so much gun violence in America? The arguably outdated second amendment allows people to have guns, but no one back then could have thought about semi-automatic guns, and the proxy debate about guns are keeping us from actual social issues. The main debate should be how Americans can be educated, how to make healthcare accessible for all people, what should be done about the wealth disparity that is slowly killing the middle class, and police killing civilians regardless of their race.

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  • tom2

    Big guns like semi-automatic rifles? Semi-automatic BB guns are available. And labeling a .22 caliber rifle as a “big gun” clearly exposes your ignorance. Australia? That confiscation effort failed to take about 80 percent of the so-called illegal firearms and since then, more than a million have been imported. Over the past two decades, U.S. crime rates have fallen much faster than Australia’s crime rates and U.S. gun sales have skyrocketed. Again, you don’t seem to know your subject.

    Mass shootings? The incidence isn’t rising. A Congressional Research Service study entitled “Mass Murder with Firearms…1999-2013,” found that mass shootings continue to be rare and the annual incidence is flat. Additionally, criminologist James Alan Fox found no solid trend in the numbers. Fact is, mass shootings account for only .004 percent of all deaths, about .66 percent of all murders and less than two percent of non-firearm murder victims. James Alan Fox clarified the data by pointing out the chance against a person being killed in a mass shooting would be about one in three million. Citing rare catastrophic events, e.g., Orlando and Las Vegas, then falsely representing them as common has become a well-rehearsed leftist drill and you seem to have swallowed it.

    Use of long guns in crimes is extremely rare. I doubt that you’ve seen one. Leftist propagandists made a big hullabaloo of that stupid kid out shopping with a AR-15 slung over his shoulder. But it doesn’t happen. I’ve never seen it. And that stupid kid certainly didn’t shoot up the place. Regarding law enforcement, it’s clear the only way they can make you marginally safe is to assign an officer to serve as your personal security. Absurd. Sorry to disappoint you but you’re on your own for the first few minutes after some punk threatens you. Realistic U.S. citizens brandish firearms more than a million times annually to defend themselves, usually without firing a shot.

    Leftists want universal registration because it would create a hundred million new dependents. To survive, the democrat party needs more than half the voting base to be dependent on their policies. Perhaps you need to start dealing with the real problem — not gun murders — just murders. Gun homicides are just part of the total reported murders per 100,000 population. Regarding murder rates, the difference between the U.S. and the U.K. is only 30 thousandths of a percent. When considering nations with lower murder rates, one also must consider the large number of murders by illegal aliens, a major factor in the U.S. and in no other place on earth. Factoring out the GAO’s latest estimate of 5,639 annual murders by illegal aliens, the U.S. murders per 100,000 would be reduced to 2.1. That number would place the U.S. well within the safest one-third of the world.


  • tom2

    I just reviewed my previous comment and noticed I neglected to address the mental health issue. But although it’s a problem, it’s not the problem. Mentally deranged shooters make the headlines but are a small percentage of the total murders. Placing responsibility with whatever’s immediately visible is convenient but we’re only inching toward a solution. Seems to me we first need to define the problem. Here are some facts leftists never address. In the past 40 years, every mass shooting has been carried out by a mentally deranged individual. Sandy Hook and Umpqua were not unique. But 65 years ago, 500,000 individuals were institutionalized for psychiatric treatment. Doing the math, that’s about .003, three-tenths of one percent, of the 150 million who populated the U.S. at that time. Today, only about 50,000 from our population of 321 million are institutionalized. That’s about .00001, one one-thousandths of one percent. Saying it another way, that’s a colossal reduction of 99.7 percent. Usually, these nuts are now and were then known to the psychiatric community and only politely discussed.

    My point is simple. About fifty years ago, we suffered a “cuckoo’s nest” phenomenon, caused by an anti-establishment crowd who whined but did nothing about institutional horrors. And the movement occurred without so much as a whimper from the psychiatric community. Consequently, the government emptied out the mental institutions along with parts of the prisons and as expected, some of these nuts began doing what nuts do. Ironically, the crime rate since then has declined by about 80 percent while ownership of firearms has more than tripled. But inexplicably, leftists continue to rail about firearms, hoping to garner votes, with scant serious discussion about mental health treatment. Little wonder that firearms now are used a million times a year for personal protection — almost never in school, church, theater, military base or hotel shootings. Against whom you ask? It’s used against the nuts allowed to roam the streets by those who set them free in the first place. Leftists need to admit this is a violent world where self-protection is a civil right. And confiscating firearms from lawful citizens won’t make anyone safer. And when leftists indignantly protest that it isn’t a violent world, I always wonder what they’re beefing about.