Dance students ‘Revive, Resist, Rejoice’ during De Anza College dance showcase

The last dance showcase, “Revive, Resist, Rejoice” took place on June 9, at the Visual & Performing Arts Center at De Anza College. It was directed by student workshop veteran Arthur Arboleda, 22, English major, and the Administrative Director Lucas Warren.

“We wanted to make this show a little different this year,” Arboleda said. “More about the current political climate.” Many of the pieces had undertones of support, love, struggle and healing.

The showcase was organized in two parts, with two clubs that Arboleda and his friends organized, G.R.A.N.D and KDC, participating.

Arboleda said two choreographers coincidentally wanted to center their theme around feminism, which resulted in a set of feminism pieces.

De Anza’s Dance Workshop is a student produced class. According to Arianna Perez, 19, early childhood education major, the class is offered during the Winter Quarter, and for the first time was featured during Spring Quarter in 2017.

Audrey Marques
De Anza’s Dance Workshop students perform a song about feminism at the 2017 Dance Showcase in the Euphrat Museum on June 9.

“The class itself is organized by student leaders who work closely with our administrative director Lucas Warren,” she said.

Perez said it was pretty exciting to have two quarters to prepare, practice and show their hard work and dedication to the audience.

“Dance gives us an opportunity to self express, tell stories and encourage others,” Perez said. “In class, we not only strive to succeed in dance, but in life as well.”

One of the choreographers, Brian Buin, 20, automechanic major, said he really enjoy being part of this environment.

“Everyone here is really determined in learning, and committed to learn choreographies and keep dancing, I like to see that,” he said.

Arboleda said, “The chemistry we have with each other really made performing together a different experience.”

The Dance Workshop gets together every Tuesday and Thursday at the VPAC, and the professor Lucas Warren often says “Take a dance class, save your life!”