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Smoking weed: Students severely misinformed over legality status

Graphic by Raphael Villagracia

Graphic by Raphael Villagracia

Graphic by Raphael Villagracia


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“Students should be fully informed on what is legal and nonlegal regarding Prop 64”

Trisha Reyes

Since Prop 64 passed last election, legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana, many students are under the impression that it is legal to smoke the herb anywhere and everywhere. More specifically, some De Anza students think that they can and should go about these actions without consequence on school campus.

“Isn’t weed legal now? So what’s the big deal about smoking weed on campus?” asked Brian, 20, business major.

Prop 64 certainly did open up many new opportunities in the marijuana industry and for Californians themselves, such as being able to legally have one ounce of marijuana on hand as well as being able to grow up to six plants per home. What specifically isn’t legal is smoking anywhere on school grounds, while driving or in any “public place.”

Legalization of marijuana is only in effect for those that are 21 and over. Yes, that means there is a legal age limit for smoking marijuana, just like buying cigarettes. If it was okay for students to smoke weed on campus, students would have to show the required documents, similar to being carded for alcohol or tobacco.

The idea of smoking weed on campus should be treated the same as consuming alcohol on campus. If drinking on campus is not allowed, neither should the act of smoking marijuana. Both of these actions can equally have alterations to our brain and personalities that can possibly cause danger to our fellow students, teachers and staff, all of whom are likely to be driving during the school day.

In no way am I dissing the recreational use of marijuana. I am enthralled by this new chapter where society is willing to be more open to decriminalizing drug use and doing further research. The recreational use of marijuana should be utilized in a safe and responsible manner. Use common sense    that means in a safe and private setting, or just anywhere that isn’t on school grounds.

Students should be fully informed on what is legal and nonlegal regarding Prop 64. and our campus staff and officers should take the necessary actions to in order for our school to continue to be a safe institution of learning.

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