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Meet your new president: Trump Tweet Tuesdays


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De Anza students now have another reason to walk by the main quad —   a small sign entitled “Meet Your New President” followed by this week’s pick from President Donald Trump’s controversial tweets.

The De Anza Political Revolution club has begun an initiative known as “Trump Tweets Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday, the main quad will feature a real statement made by the new U.S. president on Twitter.

Jan. 17 featured Trump’s allegation that “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese,” while Jan. 24 featured his call for an expanded nuclear arsenal.

“This is kind of a hook for our club,” Founder and President Eddie Cisneros, 23, public health major said, “Trump Tweets Tuesdays is something for us to get attention from De Anza while also providing some information on who our president is now.”

The club’s goal is to urge De Anza students to learn more about the country’s politics and to increase awareness about the presidency and its ramifications.

Cisneros is concerned by the fact that most De Anza students “won’t be able to tell me who [the U.S. Vice President] is.”.

Club member Thomas Goodley, 21, political science major, said, “I don’t want [students] to think anything other than just thinking about [the tweets].”

“It’s great because there are a lot of people who feel helpless over the whole thing,” Inez Snell, 20, liberal arts major, said.

International student Ta Ma, 21, history major, said, “He seems a little crazy.”

Foster Clarke, 22, history major, expressed his desire to join the club after seeing the display.

“He’s been saying stupid stuff since he even started running,” Clarke said. “[The tweets are] undermining the president, but it’s also speaking for most of the United States because most of the United States did not vote for him.”

The club holds a Facebook chat where members of the club can make suggestions and vote on which Tweet to put up every week.

Once known as “Students for Bernie Sanders,” the club had no specific agenda this year, but Cisneros indicated that the club will strongly oppose the views and actions of the President.

“Because we don’t know exactly what [Trump] is going to be doing … this quarter doesn’t have a confirmed campaign,” Cisneros said.

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