Mental health is just as important as physical health: De Anza needs to do better


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The California State University Board of Trustees has requested money to expand online mental health services, supporting students whose mental health has declined during the pandemic.

Expanding mental health services is more important now than ever because so many students are isolated, harming their mental health.

The pandemic compounds this by restricting access to services, as in-person resources disappear.

Students with unstable internet, housing and economic situations are even more disadvantaged. Mental health support feels impossible.

The growth of online mental health resources is important because students will feel more encouraged to get help for themselves.

Even if some students prefer in-person service, online mental health services can be just as effective.

Some ways schools can make virtual mental health services more accessible is to provide and promote health, wellness and technological resources to the students.

Students should try to use those resources rather than letting their mental health get worse.

De Anza College has physiological services with 10 free sessions during a student’s time at the college.

The process of making an appointment is long with filling out three intake forms. The college’s psychological services should make an option for students who want a quick drop-in session.

The college’s psychological services only provided only one mental health workshop on Feb. 10 and this event will not be offered again until May 19. The college’s psychological services should work on planning more mental health related events or workshops for students to be involved.

This unavailability has impacted my own mental health struggles. I used to keep quiet about how I felt because I thought I should handle my emotions and mental health by myself.

I convinced myself that I didn’t need any mental health resources because my mindset was to find the solutions by myself and not to ask for help.

With the stress of school, I’ve realized that asking for help doesn’t make me weak and getting the resources I need for my mental health is important.

Everyone deserves mental health care. De Anza should do a better job providing it.