Los Gatos teachers skipping the vaccination line worsens socioeconomic inequality


San Jose Spotlight

Hospitals, including the Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose (pictured) are having their vaccination procedures reviewed by the county

Los Gatos Union School District staff got to get the vaccine before priority groups, a testament to our unequal society where the rich find workarounds to problems that debilitate marginalized communities.

It started when the Los Gatos superintendent sent an email about the “exciting development” that the Good Samaritan Hospital would offer vaccine appointments in return for the funds the district raised for frontline workers, including those at Good Samaritan.

This exchange hints at the horrendous access people get for their philanthropy. Those who can’t donate money are left out, even if they are in high-risk groups.

Everyone else is waiting their turn, and they get reasonably frustrated when others skip the line. No one deserves more resources because they are in a wealthy neighborhood or have connections.

Parents might wish schools to reopen sooner and have school employees vaccinated, but teachers should still not be able to cut the line. The Los Gatos district is one of wealthiest in the county — its staff being vaccinated testifies to inequality, not parental concern.

The administration of the vaccine has lost its public image. The schemes of the wealthy have neglected the needs of the elderly and front-line workers and brought shame to our healthcare system.

The Good Samaritan Hospital should discipline its guilty employees for their behavior. Santa Clara County also made the right choice in withholding additional vaccines from the hospital unless it “provides sufficient assurances” that it will follow vaccine guidelines.

Due to shortage in vaccine supply, seniors and other vulnerable populations are still waiting to receive vaccines after health care workers. If the teachers have more patience and better consider the consequences of their actions, they will also soon get vaccinated properly.

Photo credits: https://sanjosespotlight.com/san-jose-good-samaritan-says-no-ones-been-fired-over-covid-19-debacle/