Editor’s farewell column: Kunal Mehta

Kunal Mehta

I don’t like writing…or at least I didn’t a year ago. I had heard so much about how “good journalism is more important now than ever” and decided to try it myself.

I’ve been on the La Voz team for two quarters now, and can tell you that statement is patently false: we always need good journalism.

Even at a small place like De Anza College, there’s plenty of events going on that need increased transparency and exposure, whether student government or police actions on campus. Or students that deserve recognition for outstanding academics or athletics.

My experience writing for the newspaper has definitely improved my writing skills, but more importantly I’ve had the opportunity to interact with the diverse student body, from interviewing undocumented students, to covering student activists fighting for affordable transportation.

I feel privileged to have been able to contribute to the voice of De Anza, and would encourage anyone who might be interested (whether they enjoy writing or not) to join next year.


Kunal will be transferring to San Jose State University in the fall.