Letter to the editor: Proud of De Anza’s divestment

La Voz,
I am writing as a former Instructor of Sociology at De Anza from 1993 through 2009 and a faculty adviser to Students for Justice and the Muslim Students Association.

I have just learned of the DASB Senate’s decision to divest from four corporations involved in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

I have never felt more proud of the students at De Anza College. Your support for the BDS movement and the people of Palestine will reverberate across the state, across the nation and across the vast gulf that separates North Americans from people in the Middle East (West Asia) and the wider Muslim world.

This is a bold action of solidarity and I salute all of you who were involved. I visited Palestine five times, from 1988 to 2005 and based on my experience there, your arguments in favor of this divestment are certainly persuasive.
All my respect,

Rich Wood
Port Townsend, Wa
[email protected]


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