Letter to the Editor: Students brainwashed into disliking Israel


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Editor’s note: This letter is a response to De Anza Students for Justice’s Israeli-occupation divestment project (Read more): 

Dear Editor:

I am so surprised that a college which functions in part thanks to the donations of the Jews has the gall to want to divest from Israel. I am even more surprised that Latin students would want this action. As a Mexican, I have never encountered anti-Semitism, so I assume that these Latins are being brain-washed by the “burqa effect.” However, if this e mail falls on deaf ears, I suggest that you throw your phone and computers away as their chips are made in Israel. Of course do not become ill, as you will never know who made the cure, considering the production of much medical equipment and medications made in Israel. So either wake up and tell the pro-Hamas that when they love their children more than hate the Jews, there will be peace. It’s a hard task considering that since early school years, the kids are taught to hate Jews and Israelis. Also, the West Bankers name their streets after terrorists. Instead, you may remain asleep and never learn the truth. 

Pablo Nankin MD,

Los Angeles

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  • Nick Girard

    You wrote this in from Los Angeles? About a Cupertino Community college student paper?

    Let’s unpack a few of the things Mr. Nankin said.

    He has not encountered antisemitism in his life per his own claim. I have, I’ve seen Nazi symbols, anti Rockefeller messages, people be called “Jewey.” Recently we saw 2 antisemitic posters on campus and
    La Voz and I reported on them. Many faculty showed up to speak. Here’s a video on that event

    Israel is an Artificial creation of the British that was part of a map that was intended to maximize British influence in the region. This created flawed geographic boundaries that upset many local residents.
    But I respect that Israel is a nation that has to fight for itself in surrounding hostile countries.
    I don’t respect that settlements continue to be built along contested borders that some from the West Bank consider their ancestral land.

    Currently Israel bans travel through Israel if you are not a local (who all must serve in the armed forces in their 20’s and could be considered a military class indoctrination) you are banned from travel through Israel.
    Barring the free movement of people (and therefore goods) is wrong.
    Israel has surrounded and bombed it’s rival and turned many cities into walled ghettos with no way out. People there can be treated as second class citizens.

    This is still going on, and should be rightly treated in the international community as action worth sanction.

    There is also a continuous embargo on all sides by Israel that keeps any trade from flowing into the West Bank/Lebanon. Medicines, foods, supplies, trade goods are not allowed through. At minimum they could search ships for weapons if that is the Israeli government’s concern. But it is apparent that the true concern is supremacy and oppression.

    Those trade goods you speak of are there from familial, financial, and from being an ally of the United states.
    Currently California offsets any divestment at a structural level.

    This is not an anti-jewish message, it is an anti-israeli-occupation message.
    Trade with Israel would be welcomed after free movement of people and citizenship for non-natives is permitted in my book, but I’m sure those touting the message have their own goals.

    The goal seems not to be the hate and genocide that the evil Hitler committed, but a gentle reminder that Israel shouldn’t be above the law or the UN when it comes to human right’s abuses.
    We would have a more prosperous world if we could have peace.
    They seem to think peace comes from sharp teeth and cruelty.


  • Beer Baron

    Israel is a shining star of freedom in a region, sadly, largely devoid of it.