DA Voices: How do you feel about attending concerts?

Lawrence Su, 18, business administration

We have many concerts around the country, thousands of concerts in America, the probability of this kind of tragedy happen is very low. I know the Las Vegas shooting is recent, but we should wait for more information about that. But just because one incident, doesn’t apply to every single one of them, so that shouldn’t stop you of going to the next Ariana Grande concert.”

Tiffany Chatengco, 21, nursing

“I just feel they should have more security when this events happens, specially after what happened in Vegas. I’ve always been afraid of going to concerts, like, what’s going around, this crowd, ’cause you don’t really know anyone… I just think they should have more security, in the surroundings too, just to make it safer to everyone.”

Dmitry Dolgopolov, 18, computer science

“I’m not afraid of going to this kind of event anymore, but I think it can possibly happen sometimes. I mean, you have to be cautious in this such kind of events, of people and this crowded places.”

Gurwinder Singh, 28, project management practitioner

“I would like to enjoy myself and the moment without the fear that something could happen. I won’t stop myself on going to concerts, even if I don’t usually go, it don’t stop me of going out and having fun.”