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De Anza College smoking policy enforced with a fine2 min read


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Although there have not been any changes made to the smoking policy this school year, it is still in full effect.

Officer Ron Levine, chief police of De Anza-Foothill College, said there’s been a smoking policy enforced with a fine at De Anza-Foothill College since 2012.

The policy only allows smoking in designated areas around campus, and smoking outside these areas can result in being fined.

“Since 2012 there have been over 500 fines given out to students for violating the smoking policy and even though we’ve given out less each year there are still students that will violate the policy,” said Levine.  

The first offense is a $25 fine, the second is $50, and the third and fourth are $75.

“Although warnings may be given to violators at the discretion of the district officers, if for some reason students continue to break the smoking rules and smoke in undesignated areas, expulsion will be the final step,” said Levine.

Mary Sullivan, Director of Health, Education, and Wellness at De Anza said that 25% of each fine is used by De Anza’s health services to buy smoking sensation items, such as patches and gum.

The other 75% goes to the police department for the fine given and processing the paperwork for the fine.

Sullivan said that because of the colleges’ limited amount of officers, many students haven’t been caught and some even smoke cannabis on campus.

“Although it’s legal in the state, it is not legal to smoke on campus nor within 1000 feet near any school campus,” said Sullivan.

“There have been discussions at both campuses and at the legislative level to ban all smoking on campus,” said Levine. “Because we utilize a “shared governance” model to decide issues like this, my personal opinion is irrelevant to the matter. It is up to the campus constituency groups to voice their opinion on the topic.”

“I’d love to for-see more changes to the smoking policy in the future, but I can see students pushing to keep the smoking on campus with all the stress that comes with classes as well as studying,” said Sullivan, who is looking for different options to relieve stress besides a cigarette. “Some people may be going through a lot outside of school that causes them to smoke in order to stay at ease.”

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