Final DASB Senate meeting canceled: Lack of quorum

The second DASB Senate meeting in three weeks was canceled, this time due to a lack of quorum. Not enough senators showed up for the final planned meeting on Wednesday, June 14.

There will be an emergency DASB Senate meeting next week on Wednesday, June 21 to resolve some action items, including an athletics budget transfer for softball, and discussion regarding the DASB Bike Program coordinator. A $1 fee increase in the student health services from $16 to $17 must also be approved.

Many senators voiced concerns regarding the insufficient turnout from their fellow members, including Student Trustee Elias Kamal.

Kamal said the lack of quorum was incredibly disappointing. “If senators have an ulterior motive then they should honestly resign,” Kamal said. “We’re not meeting quorum and it is a disservice to the students and community [senators] are supposed to serve.”

Kamal also pointed out the problem doesn’t entirely lie on DASB President Dylan Kim, but he should take action to find resolutions to the growing issue. He noted that, as senators, it is vital to identify the issue but Kim must be the one to confront the issue head on.

“Seems like attendance has been an ongoing problem for years, especially during the end of the quarter, there seems to be a higher correlation,” Kim said. “But, unless we can get more dedicated senators, attendance is a problem that cannot be ameliorated.”

Kim also addressed concerns that he had ‘axed’ the previous meeting on a whim. He said that if there aren’t any agenda items, then there is no point in calling a meeting.