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DASB Senate meeting axed on president’s whim1 min read


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DASB Senate President Dylan Kim cancelled the DASB Senate meeting for Wednesday, May 31, through a Facebook group message the Monday prior.

“Unfortunately President Kim decided there was no need for a meeting this week,” Student Trustee Elias Kamal said.

“I’m guessing we did not have any agenda items but I am definitely confused,” Senator Ahmad Ali-Ahmad said.

When asked why the meeting was being cancelled, Kim replied to the Facebook group message, “Not necessary.”

Many senators said they believe that the reason for the cancellation had to do with lack of items to discus on the senate meeting agenda. “There was no agenda,” Kamal said.

DASB Secretary Eoin Bonner, clarified and said that the agenda was not drafted solely “at the request of the DASB President.”

Senator Ruby Khan said that Administration Committee is planning a retreat and that it “needed to be discussed.”

Ahmad said he was “hoping to use the platform to discuss the Eco-Pass fare increase alongside student leaders.”

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