DASB Senate president commits to campaign vision of subsidized food1 min read

DASB Senate President Dylan Kim unsuccessfully proposed creating an Operations Committee during last Wednesday’s DASB meeting. He ran on a platform of lowering food costs, and plans to do so by subsidizing some of campus food cost with DASB’s budget.

The Senate will need to vote on a decision to fund meals with the Senate budget, as well as discuss what part of the Hinson Campus Center food court will begin to take on lower prices first.

For Kim, food security is an obvious priority on a college campus where everyone is trying to learn, but may not have the money to eat as much as they need.

Kim said food would ideally be available to everyone for free, but since this is not the case compromises have to be made.

While he does not have a set timeframe for when he wants to lower food prices, Kim said he would like to get started as soon as possible and and proposed the creation of the DASB Operations Committee at the first DASB meeting, but it was not approved by the Senate.

Kim said the new committee would jumpstart the process of lowering food costs. “It will work in conjunction with the DASB Executive Advisory Committee … to take action.” Kim said.

Kim said an important first step is for Senators to unite as one and have one clear cut goal.

“Just because we come from different socioeconomic backgrounds does not mean that there should be a disparity in what we eat. We are here to study, and not worry about what we have to eat,” Kim said. “We are in Cupertino, California, right next to the Apple campus. We’re not in a third world country.”