DASB ELECTIONS: Presidential candidates, coalitions announced1 min read

Nathan Mitchell, News Editor

DASB senate coalitions announced presidential candidates at the Candidates Information meeting on Wed., May 1.

The United Coalition elected Karin Novak as its presidential candidate.

Some DASB senators said Tatyana Grinenko, who is not listed as a candidate, was interested in the position.

Novak said the decision was determined democratically and was not an issue of “replacing” Grinenko.

“I’m really excited and really motivated [to be running for president],” Novak said.

Stacie Rowe, presidential candidate from coalition Revolution, said they are “about student services and getting access for lower income, underserved or undocumented students … it’s about equity.”

Anita Adams, student trustee elect, faced no competition on the ballot. She described the situation as bittersweet because she does not think enough students are getting involved.

“I’m glad I’m going to be student trustee but I’m really disappointed that there isn’t a larger ballot for students to choose from … it’s important for students to choose who they want to be elected,” Adams said.

While several senators are running for re-election, including Veena Bhatia, Ryan Royster and Jason Tran, many of the current senators will not be returning because most are transferring after spring quarter.

Novak said she doesn’t think the recent misconduct of a few senators will affect the elections; it would only affect student trust of the current senate, and not the incoming senate: “we’re new people.”

Students can ask about the list of DASB Senate candidates at the senate office.

Meet Your Candidates Day is scheduled for May 15. Campaign Exhibition Week runs between May 12 and May 26.