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Electronic Music Showcase shows a wide range of dynamic electronic music

Gautam Nair, Staff Reporter

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De Anza College held its scheduled Electronic Music Showcase on Dec 8, offering a wide variety of vocals, tunes, beats and inspirations.

The showcase had a casual setting, with the audience primarily composed of the performers’ friends and acquaintances. The performing artists themselves described it as communal and light-hearted.

However, a one-on-one interview with the artists describes an alternative side to the showcase. This isn’t a group of teenagers with a ukulele on the beach. All of the artists have real musical aspirations, each at different points in their musical career.

For some, it’s a time to combine efforts. Noel Julian, 20, music major, explained how the showcase was used to present a sound for his band.

“Yeah, you could tell we meshed well together,” said Julian.

These are artists who take their craft seriously and are genuinely interested in hearing what other people have to say about their music.

Music has always catered to a message (i.e. hip hop à struggle, rock à angst),n but electronic music doesn’t have that central theme most genres start out with. It may not even have a certain sound.

Random ideas, less order and different sounds are definitely highlighting points of the showcase.

Kengo Lake, 19, undeclared major performed an electronic ballad about broccoli – using meme culture in the song, and tackling music through humor. Mixing ideas from popular culture to music is not a new idea, but seeing it in this form is.

Adam Soujouner, 21, computer science major, came as a casual observer to support friends, but was thoroughly impressed.

Soujouner explained how artist Rory Sidovar, really stood out with his singing. His favorite part was when Sidovar and Lake coupled in a duet that impressed many audience members.

The De Anza showcase offers artists with a communal experience to show off their work and offers audience members a great show. The development of electronic music is dynamic and will continue to attract new artists.

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