What are students’ plans for the summer before transferring?


Teddy Ha

Students plan for summer before the transfer for the upcoming Fall semester

As De Anza College transfer students approach the end of May, they must soon decide between offers from four-year universities — and their summer plans before the school year starts.

Rachel Borg, a 29-year-old environmental studies major, said she wants to use her summer break to prepare for her American Sign Language interpreter training program at the University of Phoenix.

“Sign language is hard, therefore I need to practice everyday,” Borg said. “The program also requires English literacy so I really need to study hard with my tutor during the summer.”

While Borg will focus on studying in the summer, other students will work instead.

Jocelyne Luna, 23, accounting major, will not take any summer classes for the first time since starting at De Anza.

“I took at least six classes last summer as well as doing a part-time job — it was difficult but I managed,” said Luna, who will transfer to San Jose State University in the fall. “While I still have my part-time job, I can actually enjoy my first summer break and spend more time with my family.”

Marjorie Libran, a 25-year-old English major, plans to work at the SJSU’s Writing Center during the summer before she transfers to the university in the fall. Since she is graduating this quarter, she does not need to take summer classes.

“Before, I had to take at least one class to be able to work on campus,” Libran said. “Since this is my last quarter, I do not need to take any classes to work on campus.”

Libran said she fears being unprepared for her classes at SJSU begin as she believes four-year universities’ expectations are higher.

“I am scared that it might be difficult for me to get ready for classes when the semester starts,” Libran said. “It is my first time having a true summer break from any classes.”

You can find information about transferring here.