De Anza Club day small and lit2 min read

A crowd surrounded and cheered on the Korean Pop Group Club as they popped and locked to the popular KPOP song DNA by BTS. Club Day at De Anza always brings happy vibes and bright spirits! Students enjoyed the happy atmosphere and music. On Jan. 25, De Anza held their quarterly Club Day event. Along with a wide range of clubs for students to check and and possibly join, everybody was socializing and making new connections. Some students like Ariana Locsin, a Psychology major here at De Anza, really look forward to club day. “I always look forward to club day personally, because I like to you know get involved with the school a little bit more, just to see what the school offers, and it’s just a lot of fun”

Students from Physics club table also enjoyed the festivities of Club Day. Jasmine Keen, 19, and Chemistry major “Club day is exiting. There’s lots of different clubs doing cool things” Keen is also the Treasurer of the Physics club, “There seems to be a lot of interest in the Physics club too. Aaliyah Wilson, 25, is an undeclared major but is really into the  Linguistics and ICS programs at De Anza. Wilson, is part of the MEChA club, brought high spirits to the event with their colorful signs and upbeat music. “We get together to form community and to do activism in the area and have fun” Wilson also mentioned MEChA will be presenting at the upcoming NAACP event this quarter. Everybody is welcome to “come and chill”

Kyle White, 16, a digital media and communications major was at Club day and wasn’t too pleased with the atmosphere of club day “It’s very dead to be honest. Also a lot of clubs aren’t being represented very well [because] there’s not that much space. I mean I don’t even see any BSUs (Black Student Union)” Maybe next quarter there will be more space for the clubs or maybe De Anza will decided to hold the event in different area.

On a lighter note dancer, rapper, and member of 4 Elements at De Anza MC Black Jesus, Tyrone Powell, 21, a Computer Engineering Major, was also bringing the “lit” vibes to Club Day. “I always loved Club Day, even when I wasn’t a student, I would also [come] and help out 4 Elements. Everybody is here and you get to see different cultures. Tyrone performed his most popular song Salad Girl “It’s cool. It’s a rush being in front of all your peers and doing what you love”

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