“The Maze Runner: Death Cure” could be better

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is the finale in the Maze Runner saga. Unfortunately, it falls short of the success that larger series like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” enjoy. The movie balances talkative, tear-jerking and action-filled moments.

Overall, the movie is a great watch. If you’re looking for a good movie to pair with popcorn and relax with, then I’d totally recommend this. It’s not Oscar-worthy, but it’s worth the money.

After making the decision to break off from the group, Thomas, Newt and Frypan go off to find “The City,” rescue Minho, and save Teresa. Rumor has it that, in “The City,” WCKD is holding patients and immune citizens, in hopes of finding the cure to the Flare virus, hence the film’s title. Along the way, the group reveals secrets about the corrupt government and their own friends.

The film lacks substance in some parts, though. Typically, young adult dystopian adventures are heavy on character development, and this is where “The Death Cure” meets its pitfall. Some characters just seem shallow.

The film also carries some strange plot twists. Gally returns in “The Death Cure,” even though Minho threw a stake through his chest in the first film. Gally is alive and is now a member of a competing resistance like Thomas is. Gally saves Thomas and his crew and assists them in getting to “The City.”

Lawrence is a strange character as well. He was a living, breathing and walking virus, to be the least descriptive. I guess Lawrence’s character is supposed to be the thug-lord type that’s creating and stirring up ultra-liberal plans to overthrow WCKD, but the viewer doesn’t learn much about him or his—what must have been—crazy past.

And then we have the predictables. A belligerent and militant leader, Janson is infected and wants to find the cure to use it on himself and a few others. He also plans to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Spoiler alert: Teresa ends up finding the cure in Thomas’ blood. Teresa and Thomas find their way out of the burning WCKD lab and are out waiting at the top of the building for the others to come and rescue them. So what does Teresa do? She throws Thomas into the plane, who then heroically dies watching the others fly to safety.